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Equine Assisted Life Re-Purposing

 Team Building & Leadership Training

From Surviving to Thriving™

Helping Anyone experiencing a Trauma or Life Transition, and their families, Rebuild Confidence and Tackle New Challenges”

Are you ready to take the next step in your recovery journey? Let me and my herd help you explore the infinite possibilities that are YOU.



Begin Again Ranch


Are you a women feeling under valued?  Lost and no longer have a purpose?  Trying to figure out… “Now what?”  For many at this stage in life, this is a time of grief, loss and change.  What motivates you? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Is it possible for you to stretch and reach out for new experiences?

What can you do when you don’t know the answers to these questions? Join us at Begin Again Ranch® and get ready to explore the possibilities.

What are your personal goals? Recovery from brain injury is a long and difficult journey. Every day brings new challenges. We survivors are reminded each day that we are different and our life is different. Are you ready to take the next steps on your road to recovery from brain injury?

The horses are wating…

Begin Again Ranch Barn

Begin Again Ranch® offers a safe and contained environment for you to identify, accept and overcome the obstacles on your road to recovery. My equine co-facilitators will guide you on your journey of self discovery. I am there to facilitate and interpret the actions and reactions of both you and the horse. Together we will explore whatever is presented. Self esteem issues; relationship difficulties; loss and grief; leadership; team building. The horses teach you to find the courage to take that first step into a place of infinite peace.

Begin Again Ranch

Begin Again Ranch® is proud to offer:

  • Trauma Recovery Support
  • Life Transition Coaching
  • Group sessions
  • Family sessions
  • Business Team Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Self Empowerment
  • Grief and Loss
  • Specialized Workshops

Are you ready to get the tools you need to Live Out Loud? Call 720-467-4143 or email terri@beginagainranch.com to schedule the first step on your Healing Journey